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Dermasound Elitetm (75) Cutting-edge ultrasonic skincare. Peeling, purging, infusion and microcurent therapy all without irritation. Excellent for Rosacea and Acne. All types.
European Facial (65) Customized to your wants and needs.
Express Facial (40) All the basic needs for those in a hurry.
Back Facial (70) Deluxe treatment for the back. Cleansing, exfoliating, calming and treatments.
Microdermabrasion (75) Diamond Tometm microdermabrasion therapy for the face. *Other areas available.
Facial-Add-Ons Add on any of these services to your facial for a discounted price.
Chemical Peel (+25)  
Paraffin (+10)  
Potion Boosters (+5-10). Enhance your facial with Platinum Skin Care's super-active potions. Apple Stem Cell, Syn-Ake, Syn-Coll, or Syn-Tacks can be incorporated for extra anti-aging.
Chemical Peels:
Glycolic Peel 30-50% (45) Excellent for most skin types looking for refreshening of the skin's appearance. Small light flakes (depending on percentage of acid).
Salicylic Peel 15-25% (45) Great choice for acne-prone and oily skin types. Small light flakes.
Mandelic & Azelaic 22% (45) Nice low-irritation peel for ALL skin types. Uses: Antibacterial (acne), pigmentation, melasma, refreshening of skin. Low to light flaking.
Lactic 50% (45) Low-irritation for normal-dry skin types. Great for pigmentation (peel contains botanicals to help with pigment). Low to no "visible" flaking.
Jessners (60+) Deeper peel for cystic and problematic acne. Applied in multiple layers and kept on for several hours. Expect medium flakes.
TCA 12.5% (60) Light peel at 1-2 layers of product. Peel strength increases as layers 3-5 can be applied. This is a progressive peel. You will begin with 1-2 layers on your first visit. After consultation regarding expected outcome, and results from previous peel, layer increases/decreases will be discussed. Medium flakes.
Advanced Peel Combo 95+
Special Extras
Lash Tint - 20 Ear Candling - 25
Brow Tint - 15 Teeth Whitening - 75 *Brite White 40% solution.
Make-up Application - 40+  
Lip/Brow/Chin (12) Underarm (25)
Bikini (35+) Brazillian-Hollywood (50+)
Chest/Back (40+) Legs Half (40+) Legs Full (65+)
Body Treatments
Exfoliation Treatment (45) Body scrub and moisture.
Body Bronzing (40) Application of sunless tanner bronzer.
Body Wrap (80)